Deploying Velociraptor

This page serves as a placeholder for instructions and advice on deploying Velociraptor in a production environment.

Setting Memory Limits

In order to support the memory limits on containers, the host kernel must be configured with one or both of the following command-line parameters:

swapaccount=1 cgroup_enable=memory

Please update this document if you can provide clarification on which parameters are actually required and how to specify those parameters.

Monitoring with Flower

As Velociraptor uses celery queues to manage its tasks, it’s often useful to have a tool for monitoring them. The Flower project implements one such tool.

To deploy it against your broker, add a proc to your VR Procfile like so:

flower: python -m vr.server.manage celery flower --broker=$BROKER --port=$PORT

Add the flower dependency in your requirements.txt (alongside other VR dependencies):

Flower =>0.9, <1

And deploy that proc using VR. You’ll then have a web service configured to monitor Celery.